Review of the EVERLAST PowerARC 140 TIG / Stick Welder

EVERLAST PowerARC 140 TIG Stick Welder review

Overview - Everlast PowerArc 140 Overview

The Everlast PowerArc 140 is a good machine at a reasonable price. It performs well and is pretty robust. It's a good machine for home use or lighter professional work. This model is particularly energy efficient, so you won't be running up huge electric bills if you use it a lot. Despite the small size, this welder compares well to larger machines with regards to arc stability. It's very simple to use so it's great for beginners and it comes with lots of accessories too. As it's so small, light and portable, yet not overly expensive, it would make a brilliant backup welder to have in your van in case of emergencies. As you can run it off a generator it will work pretty much anywhere.

You're getting a lot for your money with the PowerArc and it's more powerful than you might think by looking at it!

The machine

One of the best features about this machine is that it is really portable. It weighs under 25lbs and also comes with a rugged carry case. This makes it very easy for taking on site or simply moving around your home. The case has both handle and shoulder strap. The size is fairly compact too. It's 20 inches by 12.5 inches and 13.5 inches tall. So it's not going to take up too much space in your home or workshop either.  Despite the small size and light weight of this machine, it can perform as well as bigger welders for most tasks. It has a 140V capacity and runs on 120/240V power. This model also has a digital display which makes life a little easier. You can save your favorite settings making it even faster to get started next time. It's an easy machine to use, all the controls are pretty obvious, you won't have to spend hours poring over the instruction manual to get going with this one. Basically all there is, is an on/off switch, and a dial that is marked from 10A up to 140A. Pretty obvious how that works eh?

This machine is fine for welding materials from 1/16 inch up to 1/8 inch. It really comes into its own when welding steel.

Key Features of the EVERLAST PowerARC 140

This machine is capable of DC TIG welding and Stick welding. It is dual voltage (120V and 240V) making it pretty versatile. However, you'll get a greater degree of efficiency when you run it at 240V. This model has auto adaptive arc force control. This adjusts the arc length as you work making things a little easier for you. There's also the addition of auto adaptive hot start so you're less likely to have problems with the rod sticking. You'll also gain extra precision with the Lift-Start feature, ensuring a quick start each time you use it. This machine has a 35% duty cycle at 140A. This is pretty impressive for a machine of this price. It really can do some hard work.

In our tests we found this to be a really smooth weld. We used it for several hours with no glitches, giving really great results. The machine was used by people of differing abilities and even the beginners found it pretty simple to get to grips with. The hot start feature is very useful for ensuring you don't make any errors. When looks are paramount, this is a feature you'll be very grateful for!

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Advantages of the EVERLAST PowerARC 140

Low power consumption is a good advantage of the Everlast PowerARC if you're trying to keep running costs down.

Unlike some other welders, the Everlast PowerARC can be run off a generator. Great if you're working on a remote site.

You get a lot for your money. Don't be put off by the lightweight feel of the machine. Just because it is light doesn't mean that you're getting a flimsy machine. The build quality is actually pretty good and it is surprisingly stable.

The ease of use of this machine makes it ideal for beginners or for people who simply don't want a complex machine.


Disadvantages of the EVERLAST PowerARC 140

This welder is DC only, so if you think you'll need to weld aluminium then you're better off looking at other models that are AC/DC.

The electrode cable isn't very long. This could be an inconvenience at times.

You can't add a foot pedal to this machine which may be a sticking point for some jobs.

This machine can't take 6010 electrodes so if this is something you use a lot, you may want to look at alternative welders.


To conclude...


A great little machine that is highly portable. If portability is important to you then this is definitely one for the short list. You can run it off a generator or via mains electricity and it's one of the most economical welders on the market when it comes to running costs. While this machine may not satisfy the needs of the professional, for anyone whose business isn't highly focussed on welding, and particularly for home users, this is a great choice. You're not getting any fancy features with the PowerARC, but sometimes you just don't need that level of complexity. What you lose in extra features you gain in energy efficiency, reliability and portability.

A nicely packaged machine in a handy case that will certainly withstand a few drops and bumps. It comes with stick, TIG torch, cable and clamp as well as all the leads you need and a welding mask too. Basically, it comes with everything you need to get on with the job. Perfect if you're new to welding and don't already have any of the gear. As this all comes in the case with it, you'll also have everything to hand on a job.

This item is available for sale on Amazon.

EVERLAST PowerARC 140 TIG Review
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At first glance this small, lightweight welder may appear to be too diminutive to be of any real use, however, in this case, looks are deceptive. This machine is pretty powerful and it can withstand a lot of stress. It's one to take a look at if you're in the market for a new welder.