Review of the 2017 Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT

Everlast Power TIG 255


If you're looking for a high end TIG welder that's packed full of great features then we've got a treat for you with the 2017 Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT. This new model for 2017 has so many features, you'll need to spend quite some time reading the manual to learn about them all and get the best from this machine. It'll be time well spent though! The 2017 PowerTIG 255 EXT is a powerful machine that we've found to perform very well indeed. Perhaps not well suited to the beginner, due to both the complexity of the feature packed machine and the higher price tag, for the professional though, this welder has a lot to offer. 

The machine

This mean green machine weighs 85lb. This puts it at the heavier end of the spectrum but it's still perfectly portable, especially as it has a built in handle for ease of carrying. It measures 24” x 9” x 17”. That's pretty standard for welders, so you shouldn't have any storage issues with this one. It runs on either 120V or 240V. This is a new feature introduced in this new 2017 model. You can run it off a generator, so it's handy for remote sites. It's great for welding both aluminium and steel. It's a high performance machine that's very durable. The power connectors are a standard DINSE 50 style so you can use a broad range of tools with this machine. It's also compatible with PowerCool 300 water coolers. The duty cycle is 70% at 250A in 240V.

In the package you get plenty of extras too. It comes with both an air cooled torch and a water cooled torch. However, you'll need to buy a water cooler to use the water cooled torch. Don't try using it without one, it'll soon burn out! You get a ground clamp and a stinger for stick welding. You get a decent gas flow regulator with the hose included and a foot pedal. I found this pretty good with a non-slip grit pad on top.

Key Features of the 2017 Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT

Well, where to begin? What makes the Everlast PowerTIG 255 stand out from the crowd is the sheer amount of features it has.

One of the first things you'll notice is the digital display. The Infineon microprocessor gives you precise control over both AC and DC welding.  It's also programmable. So you can save your most used settings, saving you time later. This feature is available in both stick and TIG modes.

The machine has built in fault diagnostics. You'll be alerted if it finds a problem.

With the Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT you get four wave forms to choose from giving you the ultimate control. Choose from Sine Wave, Advanced Square Wave, Soft Square Wave and Triangular Sine Wave.

Starting is no problem with the solid state HF.

The advanced AC pulse mode is a great feature that has really impressed me. It gives you extra penetration ability when working with thicker metals and it also helps to stop thinner metals from warping or getting burnt when you're working on them.

The 2017 model has had a redesign making it even more durable and reliable than its predecessors. It also has some extra safety features reducing the risks of electric shock.

Another of my personal favorite features is the spot weld timer. I found this gave really good consistency to my work.


Advantages of the 2017 Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT

  • It's packed full of extra features.
  • It works really well, we found it to be very reliable.
  • The safety features give you that extra level of reassurance.
  • The digital display gives you an extra level of control you just can't get from many other welders.


Disadvantages of the 2017 Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT

  • Some novice users might find all the features make this machine just too complicated.
  • It does come with a high price tag and so may not be affordable for everyone's budget.
  • It is quite weighty, if you're going to carrying it around a lot then perhaps a lighter model would suit you better.

To conclude...


If you're looking for a top of the range welder that's loaded with just about every feature you could ever want, then the Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT is certainly worth checking out if you can afford it. In our tests we really loved this machine and think it's worth the extra money. In fact, we found it just as good as many machines with even larger price tags. The build quality is very good too, it'll certainly withstand a bit of a bashing about on a building site or in the workshop.

The level of control you get is excellent and although the diagnostics didn't bring up any errors during our testing period, it was reassuring to know it was there. We found the Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT to be great for both heavy and light jobs. We certainly put it through its paces and were impressed with the overall results.

Aimed more at the professional than the home user or hobbyist, the Everlast PowerTIG is definitely  worth taking a look at if you're in the market for this type of machine.

Our top pick features of the 2017 Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT

  • With so many features it's tough trying to pick out what we liked the most about the Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT!
  • First on our list though has to be the level of control you get. With the four wave shapes and the digital control, combined with the fact that you can save your settings make life very simple and put this machine ahead of many others we have reviewed.
  • We also liked the AC pulse mode. It was great to be able to weld thin sheets of aluminium without having to worry about warping.

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Review of the 2017 Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT
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