Goplus MIG 130 Review

Goplus MIG 130 Review


The Goplus MIG 130 Welder Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welding Machine is a versatile and portable welder that can be used for many light welding projects in both a professional and home setting. Whether you are purchasing it for work or for your garage, you’ll discover this welder can meet many of your needs while taking up a small fraction of your storage space.

It has the power to handle light steel welding and auto body projects, and makes a great home tool for hobby welders who make sculptures or decorations.

Let’s take a closer look at the specs, features, extras, and advantages (as well as the disadvantages) of the Goplus MIG 130.


The Stats

When looking at the stats and specs for the Goplus MIG 130, you’ll discover that this is a versatile, well-rounded welder that can handle a wide range of projects. It has a voltage of 110V/60HZ with a power cord that reaches out to 72.5 inches. The circuit breaker is 10A and the main fuse is 13A, while the max open voltage is 37V. It has the ability to absorb 3.6 KV, with a max output current of 15% when running at 105 amps.

When you use the Goplus MIG 130, you’ll have access to four heating settings, allowing you to choose the right setting for the specific project. It has a steel frame and a strong plastic handle, giving you a welder that can stand up to job site abuse and still maintain quality results. The length of the handle is 12 inches, while the cord for the welding gun extends 65 inches.

Portable for Multi-Location Use

One of the main advantages of the Goplus MIG 130 is the portability and versatility of this welder. It only weighs 35 pounds, so moving it from the truck to a specific location is simple and you likely won’t need help to move this welder to the right spot. It also has dimensions of only 13.4" x 7.3"x 11.4", which allows you to load it into a scissor lift or bucket and have enough room to safely conduct your work. (However, you will need an outlet, extension cord, or generator to connect to no matter where you are working.)

With a top handle that allows for convenient carrying, the Goplus MIG 130 can go wherever you need it. The smaller dimensions also help it take up less space in your work truck or van, and it will store conveniently in your garage or shop if you plan on using it at home. When it comes to portable welding without sacrificing effectiveness, the Goplus MIG 130 is a good choice.

Goplus MIG 130 controls

Features on the Goplus MIG 130

  65-inch welding gun cord allows you to reach certain points with ease.

  Steel frame creates a durable body that protects the interior components.

  Four adjustable heat settings give you versatility and convenience.

  10-amp circuit breaker gives the Goplus MIG 130 enhanced safety.

  The handle at the top of the welder allows the user to carry it with one hand.

Extras Included with the Goplus MIG 130

When you order the Goplus MIG 130, you’ll not only get a versatile, portable welder, you’ll also get a few extras that allow you to work immediately.

  Weld Mask: Goplus MIG 130 comes with a weld mask that measures 7.87"X9.5". While the mask is great for occasional use, you may want to purchase a different mask if you plan on using the MIG 130 for professional projects.

  Welding Gun: The package includes a welding gun that allows you to work on many different projects.

  Welding Wire: You will also have welding wire included in the order, which makes this an all-in-one package.

  Welding Brush: The Goplus MIG 130 also comes with a welding brush that you can use throughout your personal and professional welding.

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Advantages of the Goplus MIG 130

So when you add up all the features, specs, and extras with the Goplus MIG 130, what are the final advantages? First of all is portability. As we discussed above, the relatively-small size and the lighter weight of the Goplus MIG 130 makes it an excellent choice for welders who need something they can carry with them to different workshops, garages, and job sites.

The four settings add to the versatility, making this a great all-around welder that can be used for many different materials, including thin steel and car panels.

All the extras make this a great purchase as well. The mask, brush, welding gun, and welding wire create a package that you can use straight out of the box. If you continue welding, you’ll certainly need other tools and accessories, but this package gives you practically everything you need to get started.

Disadvantages of the Goplus MIG 130

Like any welder on the market, there are a few disadvantages to this product. First of all, it does not have a battery-powered option. Why is this important? Because you will always have to plug the welder into an outlet to make it work. If using the Goplus MIG 130 for light welding on construction projects, or you need to reach the far corner of a welding facility or garage, it can be difficult to make the Goplus MIG 130 reach without an extension cord, and even then it can be a hassle.

While the welder comes with a mask, you’ll likely want to purchase a top-quality mask if you are going to use the welder on a regular basis. While the mask will get by for occasional home use, anyone who uses the welder daily or even weekly will likely want an upgraded mask.

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Goplus MIG 130 Review
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If you are dealing with a variety of home and commercial welding projects, the Goplus MIG 130 will likely meet your needs. It may not have the power and performance to deal with industrial applications, but it is certainly capable of tackling many welding hobby projects and light commercial needs.

From the garage to the shop to the job site, the Goplus MIG 130 will be a reliable welding companion for years.