Cool Welding Projects

Welding table from scrap metal off cuts 

A scrap metal plate of suitable thickness and some HSS steel tube sections are used to make this table. Tyres are provided at the bottom to increase portability. It can fulfil your need of having enough workspace for your heavy welding projects and you can attach your welding clamps.

How to make the ‘’Welders Third Hand Tool’’ 

You’ll need two pieces of rebar and a counter weight to make this handy tool to help you in welding. Just get the edges off the corrugated rebar and bend it in L shape. Cold bend the other rebar in V shape. Weld all the pieces and enjoy the help of third hand without asking for help from any other person.

Metal Storage Racks / Space Saver Racks 

Some different lengths of steel tubes can be cut and welded into space saver rack that can let you organize your stuff so your place won’t look messy at all. You can store your heavier and larger objects on these racks without any fear and thus making it a best option for warehouse storage shelves. Also useful for remodelling for specific needs. Angle grinders are a useful tool for this project. Adam wrote a great post about them here.

Simple to make Log Lever 

The log lever can slip down to logs of variable diameters and then picks them up. Just a few steel tubes, two tyres, a bit of welding skill, some creativity and you can reduce the daily hassle of loading and unloading heavy logs.

How to make an Alrekr sword

A metal plate, a hand grip and a grinder are enough to get you a perfectly sharp Alreker sword which can be used as a souvenir or a decoration piece. You can also brag in front of your friends for being a knight previously. Placement of a logo on hand grip can add to awesomeness.

Homemade Sun Keeper mace from Diablo III.

In order to make this sun keeper mace from Diablo III, you will require  intermediate skill and some sharp metal pieces. This homemade sun keeper can serve as a decoration item and you can sell it to some Diablo III fan to make some good bucks out of your welding skills.

Making the Red Queen DMC4 

A sharpened steel plate into a blade and a handgrip welded together in specific manner can be made into a Red Queen DMC4. It is said that it may not be a hand of devil, but it is considered to be equally powerful. It is a perfect gift for Devil May Cry enthusiasts.

How to make a Tow Bar 

A powerful tow bar can be made using scrap metal plates.  These tow bars can be quite useful if you are a fond of off-road driving. or need to move large modular buildings like these. You can also use it with a tractor system for agriculture. It can also lead to start a good DIY auto parts business. Like all welding project make sure you wear a welding helmet and gloves and take all necessary precautions.

How to make a small aluminium fuel tank 

Few scrap aluminium plates can be tig welded together to make a small aluminium fuel tank. However, certain degree of caution is to be ensured before bringing that fuel tank in use. It should be properly sealed and safe from explosion.

Scrap Metal Minion 

If you are planning to make a small metal minion, all you need are some metal shells and spherical tubes. It is a perfect birthday gift for your children if they are despicable me fans. Moreover, you can use that minion as decorative item.

Sandscoop for Metal Detecting

A hobby of many, metal detecting does not require many tools. You obviously need to choose a good metal detector and find a location to use it. However if you do think you may have uncovered some hidden treasure you need to dig it out. If you are on a beach you will need a sand scoop to help remove the surface sand. This project shows a great way to make one yourself to save the expense of buying one.