Alpha TIG 200X review


The Alpha TIG 200X is a quality welding machine that combines high performance levels and the functions of a professional machine with an affordable price. This is one of a few machines that can be easily used by amateurs, part time welders and professionals.

Features and Specs

The 200X is a top TIG welder that allows for welding of thin materials. Aluminum and steel are handled with ease by this model from AHP. The company improved the machine, giving it the newest inverter technology and pulse width modulation. As a result, users can work on projects where accuracy is important and weld on thin sheets. The Alpha TIG 200X also uses IGBT technology to convert power to high voltage, store it in a bank and then use for different processes. The machine provides better control of functional parameters than other types of machines.  All peripherals are compatible, and you will get everything you need straight out of the box. 

The Alpha TIG 200X is relatively lightweight (only 28 lbs), so you can carry it around with ease. The machine also has a sturdy and flexible handle for convenience and better mobility. The main advantage of the 200X is that all its features are implemented in a user-friendly way. Instead of having standard button controls, its control panel is designed with rows and knobs. The bottom row allows you to control settings like Post Flow, Pulse Time and Pulse Frequently, while the top row is responsible for amperage settings. Every button is labeled, you will not confuse one function for another. Other important features include a range of 10-200 amps, pulse frequency range of 0.5-5, 30 to 70 percent, AC balance and 60% duty cycle.

AlphaTIG 200X control panel


Used to handle all kinds of projects

The Alpha TIG 200X is often used for aluminum or stainless steel, but it is also efficient against many other types of materials. The best part is that it is extremely efficient against thinner materials. Many welders fail here; when it comes to something thin, the results sometimes seem pretty rushed. The Alpha TIG 200X delivers a precise and impressive cut.

The Good:

Quality and precise welding on stainless steel, aluminum and thin sheets;

Advanced Inverter technology with pulse with modulation;

HF start with foot pedal for greater convenience and control;

Square-wave inverter for convenient set up;

On and Off buttons for pulse;

Hand control;

3 years warranty on the machine and 6 months warranty on it accessories.


What to choose: T2 or 4T?

The Alpha TIG 200X offers both T2 and 4T models for you to choose from. Just set the welder in 4T mode and click the control button once to start the welding process. Then click one more time to turn the torch off. In T2 mode, you should click and hold the button to keep the torch running. This is one of a few machines that combine two modes; otherwise you will need two different welding machines.

Simple to use and operate

The simplicity of the Alpha TIG 200X allows everyone to deliver professional welds on 3/8 inches steel and ¼ inches aluminum ranges. You may not use the pulse feature every time you use the machine, but it is one of those features that you will definitely need while welding stainless steel. The portability and versatility of the Alpha 200X are features that set it apart from some of its competitors.

In addition to impressive durability and advanced performance, it is equipped with the necessary control features. The welder has a foot pedal that provides complete control over it. The pedal frees your hands and ensures safety. There is also a switch that works as an additional trigger.

The Alpha has a display that shows the amperage the machine is currently on. However, there is a little quirk.  Display only shows the starting amperage, so if you change amp knob, the display will not show it until you switch it to 2T. It also does not show the ending amperage. However, you get used to it quickly.

The 200X is a great welder for a great price, a good choice both for those who have just started welding and those who have been doing it for years. The equipped torch is a type 17, but you can also change it to the type 17, 18 or 26. These are the smallest torches, they are often used for light work. For an inverter with TIG torch and HF mechanism so that users never struggle, look no further than Alpha TIG 200X. It is one of the best welders on the market in its category.

Who is It Suitable For?

It is suitable for anyone who needs a reliable machine but does not want to break the budget. It is suitable for beginners and professionals. The advanced technology makes using the machine simple and delivers precise welds. If you own a small workshop or do simple welding projects at home, this is an ideal choice.

However, it may not be the best choice for industrial use. This is an entry level machine that cannot handle heavy duty industrial usage.


Precision-friendly welder and a handy addition to workshop, the machine has a wide range of pulse capabilities for your convenience;

Excellent penetration power that you can crank up as much as you need - it can go up to 200A;

Comes in a lightweight case;

Multiple control option for different welding options, so you can use it for a range of projects.


At the highest power and top speed, operation fan shortens the lifespan of a fan.

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AlphaTIG 200X Review
  • AlphaTIG 200X


The Alpha TIG 200X has garnered a reputation for quality and many who have bought it have left very positive reviews on various online marketplaces. If you are looking for a TIG welder for a small workshop or home use then the Alpha should be added to your list of considerations.