As an informational website we value education and learning for people of all ages. We are also aware of the significant costs involved for students and their families to finance their education.

To aid students we are offering an annual scholarship of $1000 to those currently attending college or who are planning to attend in the coming year.


Applicants should submit an essay on the following topic: Welding Project Ideas for Beginners

The Welder Station editor will choose a winner from applicants. Submissions should be sent to Please include your name and the name of the college you are attending. 


  • Articles must be your own work and not contain any plagiarized content.
  • Excellent use of grammar.
  • Essay should be creative and original


  • Applicable to all individuals who are currently attending college, graduate school or university currently or in the coming year.
  • Students must be attending college in the US or the UK.


Applications must be received by 30th May each year.

Winner will be announced by 14th June each year and the funds paid directly to the college. We will never ask you for any financial information.

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